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Click Here for information about the 2012 Tiny Bates Banquet on February 15th



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Tiny Bates Banquet

The Grid Club’s keynote event is the end-of-season Tiny Bates Banquet. This high-profile event features Coach Jeff Tedford and honors the winner of the  Henry J. "Tiny" Bates Memorial Award,  given to an outstanding graduating senior Golden Bear player from the Sacramento Valley region.


For information about the 2012 Tiny Bates Banquet on February 15th, please click here.


The Henry J. "Tiny" Bates Memorial Award


In 1968, in memory of the Grid Club’s founder, the Tiny Bates Award was presented to the outstanding senior Northern California Golden Bear. In subsequent years, the criteria changed to recognize players from the Sacramento Valley region. In giving this award, the Grid Club celebrates the spirit of Golden Bear football and the man who personified the love and dedication to that spirit.


Henry J. "Tiny" Bates Memorial Award: Past Winners

1968  Dennis Pitta 1981 No Award 1995  No Award
1969  Paul Martyr 1982  Tim Lucas 1996  No Award
1970  Dave Seppi 1983  Steve Shotwell 1997  Kato Serwanga
1971  Sam Garamendi 1984  Gail Gilbert 1998  Mark Orr
1972  No Award 1985  Brian Walgenbach 1999  Matt Beck
1973  Ted Seifert 1986  No Award 2000  Harold Pearson
1974  No Award 1987  Brian Bedford 2001  Marcus Fields
1975  Paul Von der Mehden 1988  Bob Bimson 2002  No Award
1976  Fred Besana            Vince Delgado 2003  Mark Wilson
1977  Jim Breech 1989  Tony Smith 2004  Garrett Cross
1978  Ralph DeLoach            Troy Taylor 2005  Marvin Philip
1979  Darnell Chapman 1990  Robbie Keen            Ryan O'Callaghan
           Joe Rose 1991  Steve Gordon 2006  Byron Storer
1980  Brian Bailey 1992  No Award 2007  Lavelle Hawkins
           Matt Bouza 1993  No Award 2008  Worrell Williams
           Kirk Karacozoff 1994  No Award 2009  Syd'Quan Thompson

The Cal Grid Club of Sacramento thanks the Bates family for its continued support. We are grateful to the Bates family members who, through their contributions and presence, continue to provide the Sacramento-area Cal football fans an opportunity to share their love of a great university.